What’s going to happen next weekend?? Here are 7 things that you should know about:

  1. Two Amiga legends are attending the storm: Dave Pleasance who worked at Commodore for more than 10 years, and RJ Mical who built some of the more iconic hardware and software.

2. Check out the full schedule here.

3. The music will be delivered by Hoffman with two Amiga 600:s as well as Zyron, Bruce Leenus, Spot and Patrask who will take turns to spin the wax!

4. Protracker Relay World Championships will not disappoint and the Baud Boy Battle will finally highlight the skills of trading in a mad show down!

5.¬†After last year’s success, Sensible World of Soccer Tournament is back!

6. Gerp’s Professional AMOS Showdown brings all the girls to the yard!

7. Finally, this might be your last chance to be at DATASTORM at this venue as we know it.

How bout that? Get your ticket here!