We’ve received a few questions about the Sensible World of Soccer Tournament. So let’s clear things out:

Who’s allowed to enter?
DATASTORM does not discriminate. Anyone with a ticket and basic joystick skills can join this tournament. Eye sight is recommended.

How does it work?
Just shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal. Wow! But don’t forget to have a clever strategy.

And what’s a clever strategy?
Depending on your team, as well as your opponent, there are different ways to go. The classic long ball strategy is probably the most common one. But perhaps you’re skillful enough to focus on possession? Short passes and a slow tempo will frustrate and stress your opponent into making mistakes.¬†Wing play¬†is another classic strategy, where you play the ball wide down both sides of the field. Remember that the ball can only be in one place at a time.

What? Are you serious?
Improvisation is always an option, and it can work really well. Sometimes. But for consistent sensible soccer excellence, there are no shortcuts.

I guess I need more help with my strategy!?
Please consult your local soccer heroes. For detailed strategies in specific situations, we’ve found this page very helpful.

Great, where can I sign up?
Sign up here and if you don’t have a DATASTORM ticket yet, they are still available here.