Get your old school Amiga OCS/ECS out and gather the team and start working on something that will make the crowd go wild. This year the first price in this genre is a fully assembled AmyITX, including MOS chipset and an incredible nice 68030 accelerator with 6MB FastRAM.



• AmyITX w. 2MB Chipmem module and OCS chipset
• Amy030 w. 68030 50MHz, 6MB FastRam and a blazing fast IDE interface (44pin)
• Amiga GOTEK w. FlashFloppy firmware + 16x2 LCD Display and Rotary switch
• PicoPSU 80W + external PSU
• StreaCom FC7 w:o Optical Drive Slow modified to have a 16x2 LCD display in the front.
• Display cable (VGA)


– Highpuff (Solder/Components/Mods)
– shoe (PCB/Components)
– mr.a (PCB design and original idea)