A special screening of the demoscene documentary „The Art of Breaking the Ground” will be held at DATASTORM.

The documentary also tries to answer the question: why retro hardware has so much creative potential despite all its inherent limitations and how those limitations have been disappearing as the technology advances.

About the movie

„The Art of Breaking the Ground” is a documentary exploration of the demoscene culture in Poland. It is an effort to show a subculture that has survived tremendous changes in digital technology despite the fact that it is heavily dependent on it.

The film is an attempt to understand the phenomenon of the demoscene: why people continue supporting it and why they return to retro hardware after years to create audio-visual art with very distinctive aesthetics that clearly tells it apart from what you can witness in art galleries.

Director, film editing, photography, script: Michal Baranski
Music: JazzCat, AceMan
Website: www.sztukaprzekraczania.weebly.com (only polish version, working on english)