From now on, DATASTORM is a summer party, and that means that the next one is already in September! There will be no more winter editions of DATASTORM.

But that’s not the only change. We’re expanding and making it twice as big!

This year we’ll have:

  • A fat tent on the outside, to serve all your data party needs.
  • One big ass outdoor big screen.
  • There will also be a bar on the outside for the perfect cocktail data experience, serving summer drinks and beer, yes, this time we will have two bars.
  • We will have a BBQ selling nice food and drinks on the outside as well.
  • There will also be a separate stage on the outside hosting concerts and DJ’s.
  • The inside will be customized for hardcore data action, for finishing all of your juicy compo entries. More tables will be available on the inside than usual.
  • Think festival outside and hardcore data inside.

And we still haven’t revealed all the news, more juicy stuff to come!

So grab your ticket at and spread the word:


We love doing this and we’d love seeing you at DATASTORM on September the 1:st!